Hire SEO Expert in Philippines

SEO Manila works as a team, a community, we have  built an extensive customer base through the years

SEO Manila President and beyond

Cris Magno Jr

OVG Owner and CEO, Certified SEO and PPC Consultant. 12 years experience in digital marketing space, managing and optimizing all campaigns. Personal email: lovephileo@yahoo.com.ph

Web Development Geek of OVG

Joshua Conception

Full-stack web developer, Boostrap , PHP, Mysql, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax

SEO Enthusiast and a manager

Coleen Balmes

Blogger, SEO, PPC, VA, e-Commerce, HR

SEO Analyst and web designer

Marilyn Santos

SEO analyst, Google Ads & FB Certified

SEO Expert and a writer with ESL talent

Jeany Fe Magno

HR, Writer, Drop Shipping, VA, SEM, Adwords, ESL

The talented virtual contractor young filipina lady

Joy Trunio

HR, VA , Researcher, e-Bay, Amazon, ESL

SEO & Web developer COnsultant from OVG Philippines

Vins Balingan

Website Developer, Information Technology Support , CMS, Joomla, Drupal

Filipino SEO specialist and long term marketer

Joy Damasco

SEO, SEM, SMM enthusiast

Our SEO WordPress enthusiast

Ariel Ocampo

Web design, Digital marketing, SEO, CMS, Graphics, WordPress

The man with a graphic design talent

Egay Bartolay

Graphic designs, LOGO, Video Creator

2 decades of writing from Manila OVG team

Joharah Lou Ipac

Writer, VA, Digital marketing, Transcriptionist, ESL

Adwords Expert from Manila Philippines since 2008

Melanie Vargas

Adwords, e-Commerce, PPC marketing, SMM

Web and Graphic Designer from OVG company

Mike Brillon

IT Support, SEO, Web Design, Graphics

Local SEO Contrator from Manila

Rose Esco

Local SEO Optimization, Craiglisting, HR